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Warlike Draw for HellRaisers at APM S2

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 HellRaisers [1:1]  mousesports @bo2
21:18 @mirage, 14:16 @inferno)

The first map was mirage that is a common pick in the game against HellRaisers. It is quite interesting that mirage is not the most comfortable for the German team either — mouz quite regularly play on it, though it usually doesn't end successfully for them. HellRaisers started this map on the defense side. The first pistol round did not end in our five's favor, and HellRaisers would not brace up and turn the course of the game around for a long time. The first half ended with a threatening score — 12:3 in the German team's favor. In the second half though mouz barely managed to take two rounds, after which HellRaisers started to get points and led the game to the overtime period. There HellRaisers did manage to show that they are stronger than the rival on such a map as mirage.

The second map, inferno, ran much more easier for HellRaisers — they started on the defense side and took a pistol round. It was followed by the second round, then the first buy round, and only in the fifth one mouz managed to earn a point, though a winning steak didn't carry out. It was the sixth round ended in HellRaisers' favor, they continued confidently taking points and ended the first half with quite a good advantage such as a 11:4 score. The second half started with a winning streak of mouz, that would last for a while — and only in the twenty first round HellRaisers managed to take the first round on the attack side. It didn't bring anything good though — mouz started to get rounds again and as a result gained a victory in this match.

 Sergey «lmbt» Bezhanov, the team's coach's comment:

«We ended with an acceptable score — 1:1. Thus we almost got a chance to reach the LAN Finals and an opportunity to defense the champion title. Thanks everyone, who was supporting us».

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Cheer for HellRaisers!