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Double Victory at Global eSports Cup

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 HellRaisers [2:0]  ELTZ @bo3
(16:10 @mirage, 16:4 @overpass)

The first map was mirage. HellRaisers started on the attack side, and the beginning turned out to be quite successful — our squad won a pistol round, and after that got a five points advantage. ELTZ managed to take their first round only on the sixth try though. The teams came to the end of the half with an obvious advantage of HR — HellRaisers took nine rounds and felt confidently enough, while the defense of ELTZ didn't do that good. Nevertheless, the attack of the Russian team turned out to be even worse — ELTZ had taken only four rounds before they were defeated.

The second map ran completely under the orders of HellRaisers who didn't let the rival take a single key round. Round by round the attack of HellRaisers would destroy the defense of ELTZ, and by the end of the first half HellRaisers had a quadruple points advantage — 12:3. The side switching didn't help ELTZ either — they didn't manage to find their game and lost the second map, having taken only one round in the attack.

 HellRaisers [2:0]  Supreme @bo3
(16:10 @mirage, 16:5 @inferno)

The second map was opened by the very mirage, but at this time HellRaisers were starting in the defense. A gained pistol round let HellRaisers gain a small advantage, but in the fifth round Supreme managed to seize the initiative themselves and began their winning streak. By the end of the first half HR braced up and closed the gap — the teams came to the side switching with a minimal breakaway in the Supreme team's favor. In the attack HellRaisers got the second wind and, having forced their game, began rapidly taking rounds — 16:10, and a win on the first map came to HellRaisers' hands.

On the second map HellRaisers decided to show that they took inferno for a reason. From the first seconds of the game it was clear that ANGE1 and Co. were not going to let the rival go — HellRaisers would literally push the rival out from the game. In the first half Supreme managed to take only five rounds, that would give them chances for a comeback, though it didn't happen so — after the side switching HellRaisers started to put pressure on the rival even stronger. As a result Supreme didn't cope with such a push, and took no rounds in the second half. 16:5, and the second map went to HellRaisers, too. It means that HellRaisers after a victory in two matches of the group stage, reach the next stage of the competition from the first place in the C group.

 Emil «kUcheR» Ahundov's comment:

«We did rather well to get out from the group, though it was not the hardest one for us. On the nex week we have the play-off of Global eSports Cup and the GO:CL Season 2 final with Team Dignitas. Have a good weekend and cheer for us!»

Information about Game Show Global eSports Cup Season 1 may be found on our website.

Cheer for HellRaisers!