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HellRaisers.Dota Reached the Next Stage of D2CL Christmas Charity Magic

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 HellRaisers [2:1]  London Conspiracy @bo3
(1:0 @
Random Draft, 0:1 @Captain's Mode, 1:0 @Captain's Draft)

A tournament called D2CL Christmas Charity Magic will definitely become one of the most interesting events of this year, since every match within it runs in its own game mode. Today the roster of HellRaisers was going up against a five called London Conspiracy. A format of the match was up to two wins, and game modes were Random Draft, Captain's Mode, Captain's Draft.

The beginning of the first map turned out to be quite difficult for HellRaisers — the Danes would force up their game on all lanes and drew the first blood. However, it couldn't be called a reason to get worry — HellRaisers' pick was surely weaker against the enemy's one in the early stage of the game. The main question of the game was the speed of getting Battle Fury by Ember Spirit, since as soon as the hero earned it, the Londoners would find themselves not in a very pleasant situation. Fortunately for HR, Battle Fury rolled up at proper time, and the initiative started to come to HR's hands. The dot on the game was put in the fight at Roshan at the 43th minute — HellRaisers did away with four heroes of the enemy at once and got enough advantage to end the game without any problems. And after 15 minutes it happened so — 1:0, and HellRaisers opened the score in this match. 

The second map was not going on target of HellRaisers. Despite quite familiar pick, the guys didn't managed to demonstrate a strong play. LC, on the other hand, did adjust to the opponent and seemed to be owners of the situation. After such a hectic beginning HellRaisers lost the initiative, and together with it chances to win. All remaining time the opponents were trying not to make a mistake and push the matter through, while HellRaisers were waiting for any kind of gaps in the rival's game. The second map ended quite calmly — LC entered HR's ramp, settled there and started to destroy the barracks. There were no chances to comeback left, so our five decided not to run out the clock and come over to the third map.  

Captain's Draft, that was the mode of the third map, managed to mix the stagnation in the draft. Thus, striped Tidehunter by HellRaisers took the middle lane, while London Conspiracy got Tiny. The early stage of the game turned out to be quite cheery, the teams were not afraid to attack, and the score on the table became to increase — by the 20th minute 18 kills had been made. After that the speed of the game started to drop a little and the game got calm. Even Roshan's death didn't manage to rattle up the teams and distract the players from farming. Following the results of this windlessness, LC turned out to be better in farming, but weaker in team fights. One more problem of the Swedes was Natures Prophet who would destroy LC's structures. Eventually, it played the key role — London Conspiracy didn't manage to cope with the pushing and lost the game.

The team's manager,  Anton «b-off»​ Borodov's comment:

«We've had an interesting match today again, which we tried three wonderful modes in. The first map ran almost completely under our orders, while on the second map we faced big problems. However, in a decisive fight we turned out to be stronger and managed to do away with the rivals, though the match would last more than an hour. GG!»

More information about  D2CL Christmas Charity Magic is available in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!