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HellRaisers Are in GO:CL Season 2 Final

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 HellRaisers [2:1]  Virtus.pro @bo3
(14:16 @overpass, 21:[email protected], 16:10 @cache)

HellRaisers started the first map playing on the attack side. After an unsuccessful pistol and buy rounds HellRaisers managed to brace up and level their game. Both teams felt quite confident and showed an excellent game. However, the Polish defense was not the strongest one this time— the first half ended with a minimum advantage of VP. Having taken the defense side, HellRaisers managed to take the second pistol round and started slowly getting the advantage, but at some point Virtus.pro managed to seize the initiative and not only level the score, but come forward, having brought the map to the match point. HellRaisers tried to pull the game to the overtime period, but the try ended in disappointment, and VP took the first map. 

On mirage HellRaisers started on the attack side again, but this time they managed to take a pistol round. However, the bears won the second one and started a winning streak of seven rounds, and only after that HellRaisers started to get points. Having taken five more rounds, HellRaisers managed to come to the side switching with quite a good score — 9:6 in VP's favor. HellRaisers took the second pistol round as well: our five managed to implement such an advantage and took five rounds in a row. After that the bears summoned up all their strength to take a decisive round and to turn the course of the game into their favor, but HellRaisers managed to suppress that attempt and got to the overtime period. In the additional rounds HellRaisers turned out to be stronger and thus leveled the score in the match. 

On the third map HellRaisers started on the defense side. A pistol round, despite the strong shooting by HellRaisers, ended in VP's favor, though the first buy round dotted the i's and crossed the t's — HellRaisers managed to take it together with five more rounds after it. However, right after that Virtus.pro successfully seized the initiative and ended the game on the attack side with the minimum gap — 8:7 in HellRaisers' favor. The beginning of the second half turned out to be quite chaotic, but HellRaisers had managed to put up with the situation before the rival did. Having taken the advantage, HR strongly caught hold of the game — 2:1, and HellRaisers reached the final of CS:GO Champions League Season 2. 

 Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiev's comment:

«What a confused game. We would take and lose many clutches. We didn't do our best after the exchange either, but very soon we will fix that. We feel rather optimistic about the future».

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Cheer for HellRaisers!