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HR.CS:GO Lost to London Conspiracy

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 HellRaisers [1:2]  London Conspiracy @bo3
(16:2 @overpass, 3:16 @mirage, 13:16 @inferno)

The first map started with a victory of HellRaisers in a pistol round that was followed by a real destruction — London Conspiracy would lose all rounds and couldn't find their game. It seemed as though the Norse team had not prepared the map. Round by round HellRaisers would get the advantage. After the side switching nothing changed — HellRaisers carried out a few confident rounds on the attack side and easily ended the map with a victory.

The second map, mirage, was a mirror reflection of the first one — London Conspiracy confidently started on the attack side and demonstrated a whole line of prepared rounds. HellRaisers tried to resist, but would not get that very thing to get a victory in a few key rounds. The score after the first half fully depicted the situation on the map — HellRaisers managed to take only three rounds on the defense side. After the side switching HellRaisers didn't take a round — the final score of the map is 16:3 in LC's favor.

On a decisive map, that was good old-fashioned inferno, we could see a real battle. The attack of HellRaisers would bump into the strong Norse defense. Nevertheless, our team managed to take a few important rounds and came to the side switching with quite a standard score — 5 rounds on the attack side and 10 ones in the defense. After the side switching emotions ran as high as possible and every round was decisive. London Conspiracy managed to take 15 rounds, but after that HellRaisers started a winning streak. Unfortunately, our five didn't manage to push the matter through — the Norse team did brace up though and took a decisive round and the whole game with it. 

The comment of the team's coach,  Sergey «lmbt» Bezhanov:

«We were playing with a stand-in, actually, as well as our rivals did. After a very easy map, we might have relaxed, and thus lost the next one. Most of our mistakes were just inadmissible even in a game with a stand-in, but atmosphere in the game was absolutely different anyway. GG LC!»

You can find out more about the 99DMG Arena #16 tournament from our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!