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ShtanUdachi Left Amaz Behind

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 ShtanUdachi [3:2]  Amaz @bo5

(Druid vs Hunter, Rogue vs Mage, Warlock vs Mage, Druid vs Mage, Druid vs Warlock)

In the first game we could see Midrange Hunter by Amaz, who showed himself rather well. A faultless game by Jason Chan led to the enemy having almost no hp and being without an opportunity to survive. A card of the pet helped him to implement the lethal, which was dealt with the help of the Kill Command — a 1:0 score in Amaz's favor.

Having lost the first match, Aleksey Barsukov decided to change the deck and wasn't mistaken. He chose Rogue against Mage and that brought its result. Not very common moves at the early stage of the game helped him to take the lead over the table and also to catch up with the rival. A wonderful game by ShtanUdachi leveled the score — 1:1. 

And in the third game the opponent Aleksey decided to play the very Tempo Mage which he had already lost once playing with. Maligos Warlock entered the battleground to go up against him, in the deck list of which there was Brann Bronzebeard. This is the card that helped our card player to destroy the opponent, buffing his creatures and giving twice more healing. No chances for a rival from Team Archon! 2:1 in the HellRaisers player's favor.

In the fourth one Amaz kept playing his Tempo Mage. By the way, in the previous season this very deck played the mischief with him, but would it be the same this time? Not a very successful run for Aleksey would decrease chances for a win even more, while the opponent was pushing and shooting with his Flamewaker. In the final moment the lethal was implemented with a creature with the dash which came with the card called Unstable Portal. And of course Jason got what he needed. A 2:2 score! 

A decisive match ran between Warlock by Amaz and Druid by ShtanUdachi. It all started rather well for both players, but after a while the initiative was taken by our player. He skilfully pushed the matter through, having got the first win. Moreover, the leader of the group was left without the desired success which increases chances of our player to reach the next stage. The match against ThijsNL is about to begin, so hurry up to watch the stream! 

 Aleksey «ShtanUdachi» Barsukov's comment:

«Today I had to deal with a player from Team Archon under the Amaz nickname. The match-ups were not in my favor, but nevertheless I managed to win the series with a 3:2 score. All decks of the rival were doing great against my Druid. Now I have an important game against ThijsNL, which is to decide whether I will reach the second group stage or not».

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Cheer for HellRaisers!