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ShtanUdachi Leaves SL i-League StarSeries Hearthstone

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 ShtanUdachi [2:3]  ThijsNL @bo5

(Druid vs Paladin, Rogue vs Druid, Rogue vs Warrior, Rogue vs Paladin, Warlock vs Paladin)

In the first match Aleksey demonstrated his standard Midrange Druid to the public. Our player was to go up against Secret Paladin. It wouldn't happen to determine a winner until ThijsNL drew Mysterious Challenger, and ShtanUdachi did away with it with the help of Big Game Hunter, everything became clear — the player from the Netherlands lost all chances to beat the rival. A 1:0 score in our player's favor. 

In the next game ShtanUdachi decided to take his Rogue, while the opponent answered with Druid. Aleksey started rather nice again, but after a while in his hand there were nothing left, but spells that couldn't bring the targeted result. The situation would have been changed by Spring, since in the hand there already were two Preparations, but it didn't happen so. However, the opponent did draw the top card that cleaned up the table, having left Aleksey without a chance for a victory — 1:1.

Then it was time of Patron Warrior by ThijsNL and Rogue by ShtanUdachi. Aleksey Barsukov had all chances to clean up the board and turn around the game with the help of one spell, but enemy Loatheb broke all plans. Exactly this creature became a stumbling block, due to which the victory was gained by the player from the Gamers2 team.

In the fourth round the HellRaisers player took the initiative in the middle of the game, when he drew a card called Preparation. It helped him activate one more spell, thus having broken the tempo of the game for the rival.  Other attempts of ThijsNL to get back to the game didn't end successfully, and Aleksey leveled the score — 2:2.

And again everything was to be decided in the last game — Secret Paladin by ThijsNL against Maligos Warlock by ShtanUdachi. An early aggression by the player from the Netherlands left the HellRaisers card player with the low hp, while the board was full of enemy creatures. A safe game by ThijsNL brought the result — he was trading all creatures lest he should lose anything. However, two shots by Knife Juggler decided everything  — the win came to the enemy's account with a 2:3 score. Unfortunately, ShtanUdachi takes the fifth place in the A group and thus leaves the tournament.

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Cheer for HellRaisers!