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ShtanUdachi Will Face Off Against ThijsNL & Amaz

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 ShtanUdachi vs  ThijsNL @bo5 — 02.12, 18:00 CET
 ShtanUdachi vs  Amaz @bo5 — 02.12, 20:00 CET

The second of December is an important days, since today we will find out the final results of the A group. The names of two players to reach the next stage of the tournament are to be determined, another two will go to the «Last Chance» bracket, while an outsider of the group will say good-bye to the tournament, the prize fund of which is 50,000 US Dollars.

The first rival of Aleksey «ShtanUdachi» Barsukov today is a player from the Netherlands, who is playing under the ThijsNL nickname. He, by the way, is a member of the Gamers2 team. At the moment the world and European Hearthstone ratings are headed by this card player. This way or another, but yesterday he lost to Amaz with a 1:3 score in a series. The reason of that was a simple inadvertence, since most mistakes might have been avoided. However, he does have a victory on his account — ThijsNL beat Hoej in the very first match of the group with a 3:0 score. We hope that Aleksey will manage to give battle to the opponent.

At 20:00 СЕТ ShtanUdachi will go up against Amaz who has ended the first match day of the tournament with the best score — 2 wins in 2 games. Jason Chan showed a very good game and earned deserved points, even despite the fact that he is taking the 51th position in the world rating now, losing in two positions to Aleksey Barsukov. ShtanUdachi has to focus as hard as he can on today's two meetings, since he needs these wins. Don't miss it!

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Cheer for HellRaisers!