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Hoej Beat ShtanUdachi

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 ШтанУдачи [0:3]  Hoej @bo5

(Warlock vs Paladin, Warlock vs Druid, Warlock vs Warlock)

The first two games ran almost equally to the previous meeting against the American player — Hoej started the match with two wins against Maligos Warlock by Aleksey. The player from Denmark who is playing for the Natus Vincere team used in the first game Secret Paladin, and in the next one Midrange Druid. It is noteworthy that in the first strife ShtanUdachi had almost no chances against annoying Mysterious Challenger, while in the second one the things were going better, though the game itself ended in the Dane's favor.

In the final match Hoej showed us his Zoo Warlock who, of course, started rather confidently and aggressively. We can't leave out the moment when the player from Denmark put Doomguard on the table, who dropped the two maps the HellRaisers player didn't need to have, thus leaving Dr. Boom for the next turn. Was he lucky? Sure he was! However Aleksey «ShtanUdachi» Barsukov managed to clean up the table, though right after it a card called Power Overwhelming ended the meeting with a 3:0 score in Hoej's favor.

We do hope that tomorrow our player will manage to get his own back and take the lead over the A group, since on December 2 ShtanUdachi will go up against ThijsNL and Amaz.

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Cheer for HellRaisers!