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ShtanUdachi Begins the Tournament with a Loss

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 ShtanUdachi [2:3]  StrifeCro @bo5

(Rogue vs Warlock, Rogue vs Paladin, Rogue vs Mage, Warlock vs Mage, Druid vs Mage)

In the first hand the players demonstrated old school decks — ShtanUdachi began the battle with his Rogue. His build, strange though it may seem, is well-known for everyone — with the oil. His opponent used Handlock who is the heavy match-up for Aleksey's deck, moreover, there also were additional demons. Everything started rather bad — ShtanUdachi started to aggress, relying on that the opponent may not have had the AoE. This, by the way, worked a little, but after a while Mal'Ganis appeared on the deck which it was hard to cope with. Right after him such cards as Molten Giant, Antique Healbot, Dr. Boom and Defender of Argus took their place on the deck, too. With such a selection of cards Aleksey didn't manage to win — 1:0 in StrifeCro's favor.

In the second game Aleksey decided not to change the deck and continued the match playing his Rouge, while the opponent demonstrated his own Paladin. During the entire game it was hard to determine a leader; our player was trying to use all possible variants of the lethal so that he could be safe, though he lost one. In the final moment both players had about 10 health points, but StrifeCro exchanged two Intendants on two Recruit Paladins and made the lethal. It was almost impossible to beat that, since it reminds about the double combination of Druid. The 2:0 score in the American player's favor.

In the third game StrifeCro showed us his Reno Mage which showed himself rather well at the early stage of the game. However, creatures on the table together with important spells gave Aleksey Barsukov a lot of damage, which the American player didn't manage to cope with. He had the AoE, he had Antique Healbot, he even used Ice Block, but ShtanUdachi won — 1:2 in the HellRaisers player's favor!

The fourth game presented us a battle between Reno Warlock by ShtanUdachi and Reno Mage by StrifeCro. A player of our organization started the game with the aggression again, slowly taking the table. In a few turns the opponent was forced to defend, using all means to do that. In the seventh turn Aleksey got Flamestrike with his creatures, but it didn't scare him. In the final moment StrifeCro tried to fool our player, but ShtanUdachi played very skilfully and checked everything so that he could not make a mistake and could kill the enemy — 2:2! 

It was not possible to watch the fifth match though, since one of the players had some problems. Having got back to the stream, it was already the eight turn, and our player had only 9 health points, which after a few second turned into one point. This way or another, our player wasn't able to escape — the 3:2 score in StrifeCro's favor and thus he is the winner.

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Cheer for HellRaisers!