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ShtanUdachi Versus StrifeCro & Hoej

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 ShtanUdachi vs  StrifeCro @bo5 — 01.12, 19:00 CET
 ShtanUdachi vs  Hoej @bo5 — 01.12, 21:00 CET

It is high time we enjoy the card game by Blizzard! Today ShtanUdachi will play two official meetings within the A group of the Starladder i-League StarSeries Hearthstone tournament. His first opponent will be the American card player under the StrifeCro nickname, the match against whom starts at 19:00 CET. He played two last official games on October 19, and both of them didn't end in his favor. It is noteworthy that the total winrate is 60%, and the American player has played 200 matches! These players have not met within official tournaments yet, so it must be very interesting to watch such a strife. By the way, a long time ago, within  SLTV Kick-Off Season, StrifeCro was defeated by our player Lostov, and that means ShtanUdachi can repeat that success.

Having taken a short brake, Aleksey will have to play the next match, but it will run against player from the Natus Vincere team, Hoej. This young Dane is doing great these days, having taken the fourth place in the European rating and the sixth one in the world rating. Frederik Nielsen's last tournament was Dreamhack Winter 2015 which ended not so long ago. There he managed to reach the semi-final that is a direct contrary to the current championship by SLTV and i-League. We hope that Aleksey ShtanUdachi Barsukov will begin his path at the tournament with two wins! Don't miss these matches!

Information about the Starladder i-League StarSeries Hearthstone tournament is available in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!