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HellRaisers Put Their Cards On the Table

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We've prepared the information on last three months. Below you can take a look at the main statistics of HellRaisers on seven esports maps. So, let's get started, guys!

 Map Played
 Pistol round played/won
% win after first death
% win
after first kill
 won rounds (%) on CT
 won rounds (%) on T
cache 13 9/4 26/19 29.66% 74.13% 57 43
mirage 10 2/8 20/12 21.21% 67.69% 58 42
inferno 7 1/6 14/6 25.74% 56.41% 56 44
train 7 4/3 14/7 26.67% 77.08% 64 36
overpass 27  13/14  54/22 26.13% 75.07% 52 48
dust2 21  11/10  42/23 24.61% 79.84% 48 52
 cobblestone  22 13/9 44/22 33.22% 70.14% 51 49

What do we have on the way out? The most effective map of HellRaisers is cache. And if ANGE1 and Co. make the first minus on dust2, there is no reason to worry about the round, as well as about the one on the train map if HellRaisers play on the CT side. In general our five has the excellent statistics of pistol rounds. It is interesting how important the first round is. Thus, having lost it, chances for a win decrease by 25%.

Considering the sides, we can see the balance of performance on dust2, overpass and cobblestone, where the persantage of won rounds on CT and T sides are almost identical. While on mirage, cache, inferno and train, the defense side of our team seems rather stronger. Inferno and mirage are thought to be a certain problem of our guys, which they need to find a solution on.

So, now you have the understanding of how comfortable this or that map is for our team. We hope that it was interesting for you to read! We are waiting for your comments, thoughts and suggestions on the statistics of our team!

Cheer for HellRaisers!