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HellRaisers in Numbers: Martin «STYKO» Styk

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While our guys are getting ready for upcoming matches, we've decided to please you with another episode of the heading, the hero of which is one of HellRaisers recruits — Martin «STYKO» Styk. The young, but accurate sniper shows a good level of game, and constant training sessions together with the help of teammates make his growth as a player even faster. And now, let's take a look at the statistics.

  • During his CS:GO career Martin has played 4223 rounds on 164 maps.
  • He killed 3013 enemies, while Martin himself died only 2840 times. The total KD equals 1.16.
  • 53.4% of all kills were got in the head that is every second frag!
  • He got the biggest number of kills on de_mirage — 664.
  • On average, he gets 71 kills and 15 assists in 100 rounds.
  • STYKO drew first blood in a round 424 times!
  • He managed to get a triple kill in 160 rounds, and only in 33 rounds, he made a quadra kill.
  • On Martin's account there are 5 aces in official matches!
  • The most successful match within the HellRaisers team is the game against PENTA at the Global Offensive Champions League Season 2 tournament. Then he managed to end the dust2 map with a 24-9 score, while the total rating was 1.71.

  • As well as most players, Martin prefers the AK47 as his main weapon. By shooting with this gun he put down 1057 rivals. The second and third places, which are shared between variants of rifle M4 — M4A4, brought him 547 frags, while the M4A1-S did only 307. It is interesting that the fourth place is given to the AWP — this sniper rifle was turned out to be deathful for 170 opponents.
  • STYKO's favorite pistol is Glock, which he killed 135 rivals with. Hieratic Deagle doesn't drop back much, Martin killed 126 enemies with it.
  • During his career STYKO managed to take part in 57 1 vs 1 rounds, 93 of which ended in his favor. Moreover, he won 24 1 vs 2 rounds, 3 1 vs 3 ones, and one 1 vs 4 round. Martin hasn't win a 1 vs 5 round yet.
  • Considering unofficial matches, Martin did 40,119,634 damage points.
  • Martin earned a great deal of blood money — in total he got $347,651,498.
  • And, of course, we will keep with the tradition, and please you with the very statistics: STYKO destroyed 775 windows in СS:GO.

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