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eXplosive Did Not Gain Revenge

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 eXplosive [1:2]  Team YP @bo3
(16:4 @cache, 9:16 @dust2, 16:12 @mirage)

The first map was Team YP's choice. They started on the stronger side, but it didn't bring some special preferential advantages — right from the first round eXplosive began to jump the rival. Team YP practically didn't manage to take a single key round in the first half that ended with a very good score for the attack side  — 11:4 in the Ukrainian's team favor. After the side switching eXplosive didn't lose the initiative and confidently ended the game with a victory — 16:4 is the final score of the first map.

Dust2 was a mirror reflection of the first map — Team YP started on the attack side and began to take points rather rapidly. They would confidently win round by round, while eXplosive had nothing left but a hope for a comeback. These expectations were especially strong after the side switching which carried out with a 13:2 score in Team YP's favor. Having taken the attack side, eXplosive managed to start a winning streak, but it wasn't enough to win — Team YP managed to stop the opponent and leveled the score in the match.

Mirage was to be a decisive map. The beginning turned out to be quite puzzle-headed, but by the end of the middle of the first half Team YP had managed to take a small advantage, though didn't manage to raise it up — the teams came to the side switching with a 9:6 score in Team YP's favor. The game for the attack side didn't run well for eXplosive: they lost both a pistol and first buy rounds, having put themselves on the edge of losing. Unfortunately, our five didn't manage to take a decisive round: eXplosive gave away a match point to the opponent and together with it the whole match.

 Artur «pancher» Mishin's comment:

«We won cache within some special problems. We didn't do well on dust2 playing the defense side though, and the score proves that. On mirage we would make many stupid mistakes, and the enemies were ready for our rounds. I think we will play more confidently next time».

You can find more information about the tournament in our report.

Cheer for eXplosive!