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eXplosive vs Team YP. Will We See Revenge?

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 eXplosive vs  Team YP — 24.11, 21:00 CET, @bo3

 eXplosivedef, F1L1N, smike, crush, Pancher
 Team YP: Dima, 1uke, krecker, s0tF1k, COLDY

Yesterday our team lost to the Turks from Space Soldiers. However, today eXplosive have a not less strong rival in the name of Team YP, the last meeting with whom ended not in our favor. It happened at CIS LAN Championship #2  10:16 on cache, 13:16 on dust2 — that's the score eXplosive lost to their rival in a tough fight with. But now the tournament lot of Uprise Champions Cup gives our team an opportunity to get their own back. It can be said for sure that our boys are going to get this victory, so you should not miss such a match! It starts at 21:00 СЕТ!

Information about the UCC:Europe tournamant is available on our website.

Cheer for eXplosive!