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eXplosive Lost to Space Soldiers

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 eXplosive [1:2]  Space Soldiers

(12:16 @mirage, 5:16 @dust2)

The first pistol round ended in Space Soldiers' favor, then the Turks rapidly gained momentum and took seven rounds. Our team managed to answer only twice after that the rival started pressing again. However eXplosive did begin to wake up, having brought the score to a 4:9 mark on a weaker for themselves side. Nevertheless, Space Soldiers gave back as good as one got, having confidently ended the first half with a 11:4 score.

After the side switching eXplosive won a pistol round without some problems and their first buy-round — 6:11. Then our guys won back two more rounds. The Turks tried to suppress those attempts, but it wasn't to be! 11:12 — eXplosive came very close to the rivals, but didn't manage to catch up with them. 12:16 is the score the Turks ended the first map with.

The series was continued on dust2. Although the map was chosen by our team, the Turks took a pistol round. Space Soldiers immediately began to get their advantage again — 8:2. eXplosive tried to come close to their rival, having ended the first half with a 4:11 score, similar to the one on mirage. 

Our squad took a pistol round again, but following rounds ended in the team from Turkey's favor who showed an exceptional effective game. A 5:16 score and eXplosive have to leave 99DMG Arena #15, while Space Soldiers get their $300 and reach the next match.

 Ivan "F1L1N" Semenets' comment:

«I can say that we had not really faced such a hold style of playing before and it was rather unusual to play this way. The opponents beat us in a few important rounds that led to many eco rounds which we didn't cope with».

More information about 99DMG Arena can be found here.

Cheer for eXplosive!