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Hearthstone Starladder i-League StarSeries Announcement

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This season of a wonderful tournament supported by StarLadder and ImbaTV will consist of two divisions. In the first one the card players from Europe will join the ones from CIS, Asia and America, while in the second division there will be only Chinese players. The first division matches have been planned for December 1, while the second division stars on December 7. It is noteworthy that the prize fund of the tournament has been way increased and now equals $50,000 which will be distributed among eight finalists who will be going up against each other from January 15-17 in the capital of Belarus, Minsk. 

Many well-known players have been invited to this tournament. In this list you can find finalists of recent Blizzcon and, of course, a winner of the first season — StanCifka. 18 participants have been invited to the main stage of the tournament, while other 2 slots will be given to winners of closed qualifiers which 14 players have also been invited to.

Main Stage Participants
А Group Group Group Group
  ThijsNL   Firebat   Kolento   StanCifka
  StrifeCro   Trump   Orange   Lifecoach
  Amaz   Jab   Purple   Dog
  Hoej   Xixo   Surrender   Hotform
  ШтанУдачи   Neirea   Kranich   Cipher


In the first group stage 20 players have been divided in four groups of five, which they will have to play in the Round-Robin system with a best-of-five match format in. Two best players from each group will make it into the second group stage, 3-4 places — into the Last Chance bracket, while outsiders from each group will leave the tournament. In the second group stage 8 card players will be divided into 2 groups of four, and the matches themselves will run in the GSL system. Two best players from each bracket will get a paid-up ticket to the LAN Finals of the tournament, 3-4 places will go to the second round of the Last Chance bracket. There 12 players will get a second chance to earn a place in the final stage of the championship, though they will have to do their best since there are only tickets!

All players of the HellRaisers Hearthstone team will take part in this tournament. However,  Aleksei «ШтанУдачи» Barsukov will begin his path with the main stage of the tournament, while  Aleksei «Lostov» Fursov and  Nikolai «NickChipper» Velichko will have to get through the qualifiers. The first matches start on December 1, so follow our website and social networks to keep up-to-date! It will be very interesting!

Cheer for HellRaisers!