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eXplosive Left defos Behind

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 eXplosive [2:0]  defos
(16:4 @inferno, 16:9 @mirage)

The first map of the meeting is inferno where eXplosive started on the defense side, having immediately won a pistol round. Then we saw a perfect performance of def and Co., which the Swedes wouldn't manage to answer to. All attempts of the enemy team to break through would not end successfully, though defos did manage to take three rounds on the attack side. Having switched the sides, the Swedish five won a pistol round and then lost the next round that broke their economy again. eXplosive aimed at rapid ending of the map and did it — 16:4 in their favor! 

Although defos began the second map more confidently: they started mirage on the defense side, eXplosive managed to take 6 rounds on the attack one. Nowadays it is thought to be enough, and our boys did prove it. Moreover, def and Co. didn't let the opponents, who were playing the terrorist side, take a single round! The final score is 16:9 in eXplosive's favor, and the score in a series is 2:0! The victory is ours!

Let us recall that all maps within this competition are chosen randomly, so it is very interesting to watch such matches! Tomorrow eXplosive will face off against the Polish Vexed Gaming team in the best-of-three match within the next stage of the tournament.

 Dmitriy «def» Lemeschuk's comment:

«The rivals were not the strongest ones, so we managed to beat them rather easily. We got some problems on the second maps, but managed to focus and win.»

The tournament bracket may be found here.

Cheer for eXplosive!