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Tough Monday for eXplosive

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 eXplosive vs  Space Soldiers — 23.11, 17:00 CET, @bo3

 eXplosivedef, F1L1N, smike, crush, Pancher

 Space Soldiers: TuGuX, XANTARES, e1, ONLY, DESPE

This evening our team will have to deal with the Turkish Space Soldiers team the meeting with whom will run within the fifteenth episode of 99DMG Arena. The Turks have gained momentum and become winners of recent QuickShot Arena #15. eXplosive also took part in this tournament, but got only the 3-4 place so the matches must be quite intensive. A team to win this match will get small but pleasure $300 and also an opportunity to continue their run for $1,200. We do believe that it will be our team to get it!

All information about the tournament is available in our report.

Cheer for eXplosive!