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eXplosive Versus defos

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 eXplosive vs  defos — 22.11, 20:00 CET, @bo3

 eXplosivedef, F1L1N, smike, crush, Pancher

 defos: MURR, N1FF3, smalls, vBrocode

Our team will play their second round of ESEA CSGO Open Season 20 against the Swedish defos team. Both teams have got through the first round without any problems: eXplosive quite easily beat the Norse Hypersonic five (16:7 @overpass, 16:13 @dust2), while defos did away with all Swedish rivals from 023 on the same maps  16:4, 16:4. 
Yesterday our team lost to the Norse from BX3 in a tough battle, so today we expect from our team a spectacular and effective game!

The tournament bracket is available here.

Cheer for eXplosive!