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eXplosive Leave QuickShot Arena #15

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 eXplosive [1:2]  BX3
(16:8 @mirage, 9:16 @train, 14:16 @dust2)

On de_mirage eXplosive showed that they cannot be ignored — nine rounds in a row were taken by our team, and smike had got 27 kills by the 13th round, while the Norse had managed to take only one round by the end of the first half. 14:1 is the result of the first half which gave us a serious reason to be proud of eXplosive. However, BX3 rather confidently took the first round of the second half, the buy-round ended in the Norse's favor, too, who after that managed to take 4 more rounds and tickle fans of eXplosive. Nevertheless, in the end our boys managed to beat the rival and get a victory with a 16:8 score. On this map Mystic didn't manage to carry his Norse guys.

On the second de_train map, eXplosive were in the lead in the first three rounds, but after an eco BX3 took their first score. A score balance was set after the eight round — 4:4, and in the 9th one BX3 came forward, having got a 7:4 score. The Norse five came to the end of the first half with a 10:4 score, and thus won the first half. The second pistol round ended in our team's favor. eXplosive were coming closer and closer to their rival — 11:9, but the Norse put down that try. They brought the game to a 15:9 score and closed the map in their favor. 

The beginning of the decisive round ran under the orders of the Norse. The first buy-round of our team carried out at the moment when our boys were losing with a 0:3 score, and it didn't bring the expected results. However, in the next one our team got their first score, though it didn't turn into something big. BX3 would put pressure and earn points on the stronger side, getting a 10:2 score. Mystic showed a fantastic game, helping his Norse team to take rounds. Then it seemed as though our boys came to their senses, having won three rounds in a row and ended the first half with a 5:10 score. The next side started not in the best way for our team, but by the middle of it eXplosive had worked a real miracle: they came skin-to-skin to the Norse rival — the score was 11:13. In the 25th round smike managed to bring one more point for the team, having come out victorious from a 1 vs 2 situation, and F1L1N, having done away with four enemies, leveled the chances of the teams  — 13:13. eXplosive managed to take the lead, but the Norse answered immediately — 14:14, and that was followed by two more gained by the BX3 team rounds.

Unfortunately, our boys are leaving the tournament, but there will be more battles!

 Dmitriy «def» Lemeshuk's comment:

«We had not played train for a whole, but decided to play it since the rival was a mix team, and we were going to easily close them on that map, but made too many individual mistakes on the defense side. On dust2 we were lack of a bit another thing. We will learn through errors made in this game.»

All information about the tournament is available in our report.

Cheer for eXplosive!