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eXplosive Will Go Up Against BX3 at the Semi-Final

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 eXplosive vs  BX3 — 21.11, 19:30 CET, @bo3

 eXplosivedef, F1L1N, smike, crush, Pancher
 BX3 eSports Club: aNdz, moen, KORN, PAINT, REASTEN

Very soon our boys will have a game within the play-off stage which they will fight for small but honorable $2,000 in. The rivals will be the Norse who have managed to get out from the group, but unlike our team, lost to the Turkish Space Soldiers team in their group. 

Our team is aimed only at a victory, and the results from the group stage do bring hope. It's noteworthy that the meeting itself will run in a bo3 format, so we expect a spectacular and interesting game from eXplosive as the one they showed in their group: a victory over LLL with a 16:11 score and frustration of Refuse (16:3) are a real joy for fans of the team!

You can find more information about the tournament in our report.

Cheer for eXplosive!