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eXplosive Reach QuickShot Arena #15 Play-Off

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eXplosive [16:11] LowLandLions @de_dust2

A victory in this match would let both teams reach the play-off stage, so no one was going to play at half their ability. Self-determination of both teams were seen from the first minutes of the game: neither eXplosive nor LowLandLions wanted to let the opponent go forward, but it was the Ukrainian five to manage to give a fight and gradually get the advantage. By the side switching the teams had had quite an neutral score: 9:6 in eXplosive's favor. The second pistol round ended in the Ukrainian team's favor, though they didn't manage to strengthen the advantage, and LowLandLions leveled the score. Nevertheless, it didn't bemuse eXplosive at all: they took a few decisive rounds, came to a match point and as a result won the game. Congratulations to them on reaching the next stage of the tournament. 

 Igor «crush» Shevchenko's comment:

«We could have won more confidently, but the middle of the game didn't run that good. Though we just braced up at the end of the game and pushed the matter through

There is more information about the tournament in our report.

Cheer for eXplosive!