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eXplosive Began the Tournament with a Victory

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 eXplosive [16:3]  Team Refuse @cache

Today our boys have started their path at this tournament. The first rival of the eXplosive team was Team Refuse. Only one map was played, and thus the teams had no right to make a mistake. Nevertheless, eXplosive were not the ones to make them: the team quite confidently started on the defense side, having taken a pistol round. Team Refuse managed to get a hope for a victory, having taken the first buy-round, but this hope was immediately dispersed — the Norse lost the fifth round and started their losing streak that would literally last to the end of the first half. The side switching didn't really affect the disposition of forces — eXplosive got a victory in the second pistol round and quite easily brought the end to the winning end. 

 Ivan «F1L1N» Semenets' comment:

«We used to have some troubles in prac games with this team, but we've made some conclusions and as a result we beat them rather easily now

All information about the tournament is available in our report.

Cheer for eXplosive!