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eXplosive will Compete with Refuse

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 eXplosive vs  Refuse — 20.11, 18:00 CET, @bo2

 eXplosivedef, F1L1N, smike, crush, Pancher
 Refusetruth, tomzey, phrzer, k0na, hk0n

The first game of our players at the tournament is about to begin. The price fund of the competition is $2,000. They will go up against the Norse five which have only 6 official meetings according to hltv.org. By the way, they managed to win only 2 games, while in others matches their rivals turned out to be stronger. It will be the first game within the group stage for both teams. Only two best fives will reach the next stage of the tournament.

Nevertheless, eXplosive are going to win the game after the unsuccessful performance at the tournament in Barvikha. The guys have made error corrections in order to please their fans today and start the championship with getting three points. It's noteworthy that the format of the meeting is best-of-one, so it must be interesting!

Cheer for eXplosive!