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HellRaisers’ Victory over SK Gaming

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 HellRaisers [2:0]  SK Gaming @bo2
(16:7 @overpass, 16:9 @cobblestone)

HellRaisers started the first map on the attack side, and did it rather confidently: HR took a pistol round, then won the first buy-round, and after that started to earn points. The Danes' defense would rain down round by round, and only on the ninth try SK Gaming managed to take the first point in the game and even develop this tendency, though it didn't last long — HellRaisers managed to make a round exchange and end the first half with a 10:5 score in their favor. The second pistol round ended in SK Gaming's favor, but our boys managed to get their own back in the force-buy round and quite easily take five more rounds, having efficiently ended the map in their favor.

On the second map HellRaisers started on the stronger side, though they didn't manage to take a pistol round, and as a result let the rival get a three-point advantage. The first buy-round ended in HellRaisers' favor. However, our guys didn't develop the advantage and the Danes took a few more rounds. By the side switching the teams had had almost the same number of rounds: the Danes had taken 8 rounds, while HellRaisers — consequently, 7 ones. HellRaisers played the attack side rather confidently: they were literally overriding the opponent and easily taking the points, winning key rounds. The Danes didn't manage to find their game on the defense side and thus lost the second map. The final score of the map is 16:9 in HellRaisers' favor.

 Martin «STYKO» Styk's comment:

«After a long run of good practice seasons we managed to put our training into a good use. We've beat SK Gaming with a solid score line on overpass and cobblestone. Last week felt like we improved by 200% and we get our confidence back every day. I hope we can continue to deliver good results and most importantly improve in a way we do now.»

You can find more information about the tournament in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!