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Tuesday Matches Results

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 HellRaisers [0:2]  Team Solomid
(19:22 @overpass, 16:4 @dust2)

The first map, de_overpass, was HellRaisers' pick. The Danes were stronger in the knife round and took the defense side. It didn't bring them the success though: HellRaisers easily took the pistol round and quite firmly got a three points advantage. Our guys didn't manage to cope with TSM in the first buy-round though. The Danes started to earn points, but STYKO stopped the whole TSM team, having got an ace in the 6th round. By the end of the first half the game had been running under the orders of our team. Even when TSM took the round, they would immediately lose the initiative. HellRaisers came to the side switching, having the confident advantage: they had managed to take 11 rounds on the attack side. 

The second pistol round ended in TSM's favor. They started slowly getting points and gradually catching up with HellRaisers. They even took the lead for one round, but after that the rounds exchange carried out which ended up with the overtimes. The first additional rounds ended in a draw, and in the second ones the Danes turned out to be stronger. The final result of the first map is 22:19 in TSM's favor. 

On the second map, de_dust2, HellRaisers started on the defense side and lost the very first pistol round. Right after that TSM started to earn points, while HellRaisers wouldn't find their game. By the end of the first half our team had managed to take four rounds, but it definitely wasn't the result that must be on the defense side on the de_dust2 map. The side switching didn't bring luck to HellRaisers either. They lost the pistol round and didn't manage to cope with the rival in the first buy-round, and then, having lost a few more rounds, lost the second map, and thus the match itself. 

 HellRaisers [8:16]  Natus Vincere @cobblestone

This match was important for both teams. In case of losing both sides would get in a bad situation: HellRaisers were about to take the last place in the standings, while Natus Vincere could easily not make it into the next stage of the tournament. Having started on the weaker side, HellRaisers managed to take the pistol round and started to earn points. Considering the fact that it is hard to take rounds on de_cobblestone on the attack side, the first half might be called as successful for HellRaisers: they had won eight rounds by the side switching. The game didn't run that good on the defense side though: HellRaisers lost the second pistol round, and Natus Vincere would win round-by-round. Our buys didn't manage to brace up and thus lost the map, not having taken a single round on the defense side. The final score is 16:8 in Natus Vincere's favor.

 HellRaisers [16:14]  mousesports @train

In the decisive match of the evening the rival was the German mousesports team, and the battle itself ran on the de_train map. Having started on the defense side, HellRaisers took the first round and started to get the advantage over the opponent. The German team tried to fight, but all key rounds would end in HellRaisers' favor. Nevertheless, mouz had managed to take a few important rounds by the side switching. The team went to the second half of the game with quite a neutral score: the defense side took nine rounds, while the terrorists won six ones. After that the Germans gained a pistol round and leveled the score, but then HellRaisers started a winning streak and took the lead in four points. The Germans managed to take a few more rounds, but it tuned out to be not enough, and HellRaisers, after quite a tough battle, won the last match of the evening.

 Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiev's comment:

«At SLTV we would be satisfied only with a 2:0 victory in the series, and only with a +15 rounds difference. We did our best on overpass, but, unfortunately, lost. Dust2 wouldn't change anything for us and thus run accordingly. At ESEA a win in one of the two games was important for us, and although the maps were not the most comfortable for us, we managed to achieve an acceptable result on the second map. We will have a docking match for a chance to take part in the next season of ESEA, and we will try not to fail you.»


Cheer for HellRaisers!