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eXplosive Leave CIS LAN Championship #2

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 eXplosive [0:2]  Enso
(@de_dust2 20:22, @de_mirage 11:16)

The second match at the tournament turned out to be an elimination game, that's what the GSL format is. Both teams had lost their first games at the tournament, and that meant that the match would shape the destiny of the teams. A winner would reach the play-off, while a loser would leave the tournament. 

The beginning of the first map turned out to be quite mussy: the attack by eXplosive would run with an explosive and rough manner that definitely had its impact on the spectacularity of the match, but would also affect the score. Enso demonstrated a strong defense that would stop the attacks of our team over and over again. Nevertheless, it can't be said that the first half ran completely under the orders of Enso, eXplosive managed to take a losing minimum. After the side switching eXplosive braced up and started earning points. That developed into a real comeback which carried out in the first overtimes at the tournament. Unfortunately, these very overtimes ended not in our favor, and the victory on the first map was gained by a rival. 

The second map started with a winning pistol round for eXplosive. Our team managed to take a few rounds, but then a long snowball by Enso took place: they managed to take 10 rounds on the defense side. However, we can't call these rounds easy. Having taken the defense side, eXplosive won the pistol round again, but didn't get an advantage: Enso was tightly keeping the initiative in their hands and rapidly brought the game to the match point rounds. In such a situation eXplosive didn't throw in the towel and fought to the end, though they didn't manage to turn the course of the game around, having stopped only in a few rounds away from the overtimes. After this loss eXplosive leave the tournament. However, there is no reason to get upset, there will be a lot of tournaments where def and Co. will demonstrate everything they are able to. 

More information about the tournament is available on our website.

Cheer for eXplosive!