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eXplosive Start the Tournament with a Loss

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 eXplosive [0:2]  Team YP
(@de_cache 10:16, @de_dust2 13:16)

The first map, de_cache, was the YP team's choice. However, the prepared pistol round didn't go well for them: eXplosive managed to take the first round and rapidly got the three points advantage. After a victory in the first buy-round Team YP took a few more rounds and leveled the score. The point exchange carried out that had been going by the end of the first half. With the 8:7 score in Team YP's favor the teams went to the side switching. The second pistol round was gained by YP who after that were in the lead right to the match points. Only at the 15:8 score eXplosive took the first point, but didn't manage to bring the game to the overtime period. The 16:10 score and the first map ended in Team YP's favor.

On de_dust2 eXplosive started on the attack side and took a pistol round again. This let them start earning important points and get a considerable advantage. The first round was taken by Team YP only when the scoreboard showed the number 10, but by the end of the first half they still could step on it. In addition, they managed to take the second pistol round, and then leveled the score. Even the lost force-buy didn't stop Team YP: the second map and the whole match ended in the rival's favor.

 Sergey «smike» Skliarenko's comment:

«It is only our fault that we've lost. In the first game my AWP wasn't enough, and as for dust2 I can say that in the most important rounds we would make stupid mistakes that became a reason of today's loss. I'm still in shock that our rival managed to make a comeback from a 9:0 score. I can say that it is not over yet. We will brace up and do our best to show a good game next time.»

More information about the tournament may be found in our report.

Cheer for eXplosive!