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HellRaisers Going to Docking Matches

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 HellRaisers [5:16]  Virtus.pro @overpass

The first meeting started on HR's pick, the de_overpass map. HellRaisers after a knife round started on the stronger side, but lost a pistol round and started to lose points. Right after the pistol round, the guys lost the first and second force-buy rounds. The first point was taken only at the eight round, but it didn't happen to begin a winning series. By the end of the first half HR had begun to take the scores. However, ANGE1 and Co. didn't manage to cope with the rival: the side switching ran with a 5:10 score in the Polish team's favor. A gained pistol round could have increased HR's chances for a victory, but Virtus.pro turned out to be stronger. 16:5 in Virtus.pro's favor, who reach the LAN Final, while HellRaisers have to play the docking match. 

 HellRaisers [7:16]  Virtus.pro @cache

The last match would practically change nothing. HellRaisers managed to take a pistol round, but they lost a force-buy round that was followed by a lost eco-one. In the following rounds HellRaisers wouldn't manage to beat the rival, frequently only one kill wasn't enough to win. Nevertheless, by the end of the first half ANGE1 and Co. had recollected thoughts and gone to the side switching with quite an adequate score of 6:9. After the side switching, HellRaisers didn't take the second pistol round and started to lose points again. The only hope was the buy-round that, unfortunately, was lost, too, as well as the game itself. 7:16 is the final score of this meeting.    

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Cheer for HellRaisers!