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Details of CIS LAN Championship #2

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The venue is Barvikha, a village located in the Odintsovsky District near Moscow. This place will become a home for players to take part in this event. 

Eight teams have already been divided into two groups with four teams in each. The group stage will be played in the GSL system, while matches will run in a bo3 format. The teams to take the first and second places in each group will make it into the upper bracket, and those who will take the third place will find themselves in the lower bracket.

А Group B Group
  eXplosive   PARTY
  Enso   Vega Squadron
  Phenomenon   PiTER
  Rebels   USSR


The total prize fund is $10,000, and it will be distributed among the winners in such a way:

  • 1 place — $3,000
  • 2 place — $2,100
  • 3 place — $1,600
  • 4 place — $1,100
  • 5-6 places — $700
  • 7-8 places — $400

Exactly this tournament will be the first serious challenge for newly-minted eXplosive. The guys continue to practice every day to live up to the expectations of their fans and demonstrate the highest level of playing in the nearest future! It must be hot!