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HellRaisers & eXplosive Together at UCC

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UСC returns with a new season and increased prize fund! The first games are to start very soon — right on November 16 there will be the first shots within this competition. The tournament itself will be running during three month and will be divided into two group stages that are to played online. Then there will be the play-off, the matches of which will be held in the offline format.

Among the participants there are both HellRaisers and eXplsovie. Fourteen more teams have made it into the tournament by the following way: six ones have been directly invited, eight fives have got here due to results at the previous season, two more teams have got through the European and CIS qualifiers. All teams have been divided into groups in a following way: 

А Group Group С Group Group
  E-Frag.net   CSGL   Flipsid3   Vexed Gaming
  Phenomenon   Vega Squadron   CSGO.one   PENTA Sports
  eXplosive   Epsilon   Rebels   HellRaisers


The first group stage will be running from November16 to December 13, the second one — from December 14-27. The date of the LAN finals is not known yet, but most likely it will be the end of January or beginning of February.

The prize fund of the tournament is $15,000, $5,000 more will be spent on the travel support. The money will be divided between three winners in such a way:

  • 1 place — $9,000
  • 2 place — $4,500
  • 3 place — $1,500

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