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ACG Become eXplosive

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The promising Ukrainian CS:GO team started their way in 2013 with the amateur league by SLTV. At that time only two players from the current roster were playing for the team — def and smike. Having done their best, the guys won that competition, and thus earned their first victory. In 2014 they managed to take part in the LAN tournament called ESWC RU/UA FINALS, but the result wasn't that successful. At that time in the five there already were such players as def, F1L1N and crush, but after a while the team faced the big changes: F1L1N and crush switched to the banners of A-Gaming, which smike and pancher had already been playing for, while def decided to stop playing CS:GO for a while. 

In 2015 the five banded together under the ACG tag, the roster of which was joined by all mentioned above players, except for pancher. The fifth player was fix, whom the team won the Ukrainian qualifiers for ESWC Montreal 2015 with. Right after that they had to go to Moscow to the final stage of the qualifiers, but the full roster didn't manage to come there. As a result, the team didn't achieve the target goals and got back home with nothing. In the Summer of the same year fix left the teammates, and his place was taken by pancher who did strengthen the team. From then on, the team was training hard and taking part in different online leagues, trying to get onto the international level. 

From now on these guys will be playing under legendary Ukrainian tag eXplosive which such well-known personalities as ZeroGravity, yXo, bob, sprut1k, hoo1ya, starix, craft1k, s1lence, aMi, vad1k and the current coach of HellRaisers, Sergey «lmbt» Bezhanov, used to play for. Their first tournament under the banner of the new organization will run from November 16-19 in Moscow. Eight CIS teams will be competing within the second season of CIS LAN Championship. Among these fives there is also the Ukrainian Flipsid3 Tactics team. 

 Dmitriy «def» Lemeschuk's comment:

«I'm very glad of this. With the gained support we will be able to focus more on CS:GO and practice as efficiently as possible. Everyone has an exorbitant motivation! We will do our best to achieve the best results and live up to the expectations.»

 eXplosive's Line-up:

  •  Dmitriy «def» Lemeschuk
  •  Ivan «F1L1N» Semenets
  •  Sergey «smike» Skliarenko
  •  Igor «crush» Shevchenko
  •  Artur «pancher» Mishyn

eXplosive is an excellent example of how a young, but experienced team can make it into the big esport. We wish the guys luck and, of course, further success in CS:GO.