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Two vs One: HellRaisers versus Titan & GreyFace

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 HellRaisers vs  GreyFaceNoSpace @bo3 — 11.11, 18:00 CET
 HellRaisers vs  Titan @bo3 — 11.11, 21:00 CET

It can be said that both matches are decisive, since a team to win two matches will reach the next stage. Fortunately, both opponents are rather comfortable for HellRaisers — the Swedish GreyFaceNoSpace mix has not shown themselves in a good way yet and unlikely can be called a really strong rival, while the French from Titan lost to HellRaisers two matches in a row within the ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 tournament. Thus, ANGE1and Co. have all chances to earn two wins and pass on. 

The Swedish GreyFaceNoSpace team is an obvious outsider of this group which almost have no chances to reach the next stage. This team has already played two meetings and lost both of them. But it doesn't mean that they will not give a fight — the Swedes definitely will grab an opportunity to get their own back, so that's why the match itself must be very interesting. This rival should not become an obstacle for HellRaisers, vice versa this match is a good way to earn the points. 

The meeting with Titan will be kind of harder. The French have only one victory and only one loss, so they are in need of a win as well. Titan have shown a worthy game at last DreamHack themselves, so it can't be the easiest task to beat them in a bo3 match. However, the previous meeting did end in our team's favor.

More information about the tournament may be found in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!