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HellRaisers Lost to EnVyUs

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 HellRaisers [9:16] ​ EnVyUs @cobblestone

This match would change a lot for both teams — HellRaisers after an unsuccessful beginning at the tournament have to seize every opportunity to get a point, and EnVyUs are competing with two teams at the same time for reaching the LAN Final, so every victory for them is worth gold. The battle between teams ran on the cobblestone map, which both our and French team feel rather confident on. 

From the first round HellRaisers met with a tough and aggressive attack of the rival. A lost pistol round was followed by a few more ones, and only the sixth try ended in HellRaisers' favor. But after that our guys started to lose again.  We should do justice to every member of our team though — in most rounds the boys were very close to get a victory, but, unfortunately, these rounds turned out to be decisive. The first half ended with quite a poor score — 12:3 in EnVyUs' favor who, in addition, were playing on the weaker side on this map. In the second half HellRaisers lost the pistol round again that practically crossed out all chances to comeback. Having lost three rounds in a row on the attack side, our team didn't give up and would find to the end. HellRaisers managed to take six match points in a row. The final score of the meeting is 16:9 in the rival's favor.

The CS:GO team manager  Sergey «lmbt» Bezhanov's comment:

«We lost all possible clutch rounds playing the first side and as a result got such a devastating score, and at that managed to lost a pistol round on the second side in a 5×2 situation as well.»

All information about the tournament in available in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!