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HellRaisers Reaches Next Stage of StarLadder

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 HellRaisers [1:2]  Golden Boys (forfeit defeat on the third map)

The beginning of the first map was kind of simple: teams would just exchange kills and try to increase a gold advantage. Both sides had held a balance for a long time, but by the 20th minute HellRaisers had started to outrun the rival and went into the offensive, which was stopped by the DDoS attack on one of the players — ubah disconnected from the game and didn't manage to get back in 10 minutes. That's why HellRaisers had to continue the game in the minority and they almost managed to win, but a shortage of the fifth player didn't let end the game at the decisive moment, and Golden Boys took a victory on the first map.

The second map was decisive for HellRaisers — in the group it happened so that a victory in that map would let a team reach the next stage even if the game itself was lost. Realizing the responsibility, the HellRaisers players got their claws into the rival and would gradually pull the Greeks onto the base. Everything was going in our team's favor, but the very DDoS didn't let it happen again. In light of the fact the third game wouldn't change anything, and the Greek team was getting late for another match, the teams came to the accommodation, and HellRaisers refused to play the third map. The final result of the meeting is 2:1 in Golden Boys' favor, but HellRaisers take the second place in the standing and prepare for the next stage of StarLadder i-League StarSeries 13. 

Acting Dota 2 team manager,  Anton «b-off» Borodov's comment:

«We had to take the first map without any problem and thus put a dot on the battle, but the DDoS played its role — somehow they found Vania (ubah). Thank god, we managed to win the second map and reach the next stage. The third map wouldn't change anything, so we decided to give way to the Greeks, since they were late for another tournament. That's why in a final document a 2:1 score in Golden Boys' favor is shown

The coverage of the tournament can be found on our website.

Cheer for HellRaisers!