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HellRaisers in Numbers: Dulat «goddam» Seidimomyn

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While our boys are training for upcoming matches, we've decided to please you with another episode of the HellRaisers in Numbers heading, the hero of which is one of HellRaisers.Dota players, Dulat «goddam» Seidimomyn, who plays a support role in the team. Dulat stood at the origins of the current roster so his statistics fully reflects the path that the roster has passed for the last year. 

And now let's take a look at numbers:

  • During his career Dular has played 244 matches, 200 of which ran under the banners of HellRaisers, 42 ones were played for the KPG team, and he played two more matches as a player of NEXT.kz;
  • His winrate is 55,3%. He's won 135 matches and lost 109;
  • The average GPM in all games is 285, while the XPM is 327. Not record, but very good results for supports;
  • Dulat would earn his gold by different means — he's sent to glory 1024 enemy heroes and helped to send 1304 ones;
  • He's killed Roshan 245 times;
  • The average KDA is 2,3;
  • Dulat almost never takes the runes — on the average, he gets a half a rune for the game;
  • His favorite hero is Earthshaker. It's been picked in 39 matches. The most successful one is Ancient Apparition which won 16 out of 20 games;
  • In public games he usually plays Shadow Fiend, Invoker and Storm Spirit.
  • On the average, Dulat deals 6000 damage points per game, takes 10700 and heals 950 ones;
  • Goddam prefers playing for the Radian than the Dire — he's won 56 matches on the Radian side and only 49,5% on the Dire one;
  • He's killed 711 neutral units — a real woods medic;
  • His favorite position on the map is the triple on the easy lane or the woods. Dulat roams or helps the midder less often — about in 1 out of 8 games;
  • 28 couriers were sent to glory by attempts of Dulat.

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Cheer for HellRaisers!