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oskar Answered Fans’ Questions

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Six days ago we gave you a chance to ask a question to a new player of HellRaisers, Tomáš «oskar» Šťastný. The matches within SLTV StarSeries will start very soon, but Tomáš has found time to answer your questions. We've posted the most interesting ones here. Enjoy reading!

SHHARKKK: How did you make it into HellRaisers? Don't you have problems due to the linguistic barrier?
oskar: LBMT asked me to stand-in for some trial time then he offered me a contract. We had some problems when we were talking in the Russian language. For me it was something new. But now we speak in English because we have a stand-in, schneider.

SHHARKKK: Do you like playing for HR?​ 

oskar: I always wanted to join a really good team. And my dream comes true. So yes, I like playing for HR.

KeyToLife: What player would you like to see as the fifth member of the HellRaisers roster?

oskar: I would like to play with schneider. He is a good guy and good player. I am enjoying games with him.

VDikan: How many hours do you practice with the team? Do you practice every day? Have you found a common language with ANGE1?
oskar: It depends on official matches, daily we practice 6-7 hours except for Friday and Saturday. Yes, I found a common language with ANGE1, I think we are good friends.

Abeke17: Hi! Why did you choose nickname oskar?
oskar: My mother gave me this nickname when I was 4 or 5 years old. Oskar was some character from a serial.

TRANEXW: What atmosphere do you have in HellRaisers?
oskar: In the beginning we had conflicts. But we fixed them all and now it is going better and better. 

Gongic: What are your favorite skins? M4/AK-47/AWP
oskar: It will be for sure M4A4 Poseidon, M4A1-S Icarus fell, AK47 Fire serpent, AWP Medusa. 

precise123: Hello oskar, why do you think it take so much time to join a professional team in CSGO? How did you maintain your hours in CSGO before joining HellRaisers? Were you working or being supported by family? Thanks.
oskar: It depends if you are talented enough. I played every day faceit pro league and I trained my former team. After I finished a high-school I was waiting one year for a job then I found a good one and I was ok with it. Then I was contacted by a rich guy from Czech. He asked me if I wanted to join him and work as a professional player in CSGO. I was thinking for a long time about it but I accepted it. I left my real job and then I became a pro player. It was in June 2015, after tryharding a lot it paid off very well and then I could join a top team and continue my dream. And of course I was supported by family when it was needed, without my family i wouldn't be here.

DiirecT: Oskar, what do you think, will your team qualify for the next major?
oskar: It's our main goal to qualify. So I hope so.

SyNTium: Do you think there is any age barrier in eSports? Especially in CS? Do you have an idol in CS? Who is it? How long would you stay in CS?
oskar: I don't think there is any age barrier but I think that a player has to be smart and experienced to succeed. I don't have an idol nowadays, but back in time 1.6 it was zet, neo and forest. I will stay as long as possible, until I feel that I'm not dangerous for my enemies anymore.

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Cheer for HellRaisers!