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StarLadder i-League StarSeries 13: No Right for a Mistake

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 HellRaisers vs  4 Clover & Lepricon @bo3 — 07.11, 14:00 CET

 HellRaisers: Afoninje, goddam, Shachlo, standin.YaJiTsU-, standin.Ubah
 4 Clover & Lepricon: Pajkatt, SexyBamboe, Saksa, EGM, ТВА

In the first match of the StarLadder 13 group stage our team has lost to the guys from Vega Squadron, and now HellRaisers have no right for a mistake. Today's rival, the 4 Clover & Lepricon team, can surprise. Despite the fact that their roster is not that stable these days, a level of the game of each player is quite high. It is noteworthy that it's not the first time HellRaisers playing with Ivan «Ubah» Kapustin as a stand-in, but the player under the YaJiTsU nickname has never filled up the team before, so the question of an individual skill will play a big role. The previous meeting of these teams ran within the group stage of Esportal Dota 2 League and ended in 4 Clover & Lepricon's favor, but that match took place in Summer, so there is no need to consider it: the 4 Clover & Lepricon roster has been changed a few times since then. 

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Cheer for HellRaisers!