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Afoninje Answered Your Questions

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The other day we gave you an opportunity to ask our player Andrey «Afoninje» Afonin a question. We've chosen the most interesting ones and now are publishing the answers.

kefa: Do you consider yourself as an all-round player? Could you play another role? What are your favorite heroes and why?
Afoninje: I think I can play any role, though I am not really experienced in playing supports.
SF is very powerful and "snowball", and if it doesn't go well on the middle lane, you can always get your items in the woods.
Puck – because of many buttons, he is very mobile and dynamic. 
Templar Assassin – since she is very strong in this patch, and she is underestimated. And again she is good in farming the ancients.
Queen of Pain – just because this is a classic. We jump far, scream painfully "laughing".

DoKeR: Does the fact that you are a multiethnic team foul up? 
Afoninje: We don't have any problems with it – everyone knows Russian in a good way. Moreover, I think this international problem is kind of exaggerated, in many teams a weak knowledge of a language doesn't stop from achieving good results.

indie: If not HellRaisers, then what team would you play for? Where would you feel comfortable as much as you do now?
Afoninje: Probably in a team like Secret, where there were not any sponsors, and there was some special atmosphere, very friendly relationships, freedom of action. 

deadab1234: How do you like new stand-ins? 
Afoninje: Yet it's been okay. We practice, speak, the atmosphere is rather positive. We want to achieve results, please our fans. 

Bombazok: What is your current MMR? 
Afoninje: 7250+ 

aktobea: Andrey, I've noticed you at the top of the mmr ladder. That's why I've got a question: don't you want to stream your public games when you don't practice? It will be very interesting to watch!
Afoninje: I always wanted, but I have had no time to do so yet. There always have been something to stop me from streaming. This is interesting for me as well, and it may be quite educational for some viewers. In this month I will try to build up a good computer and finally start streaming.

Kadzicu: Do you have a dream? 
Afoninje: Oh, what a question… In general everyone has their own dream. And this is something private that you don't always want to talk about. But when you achieve this, you do want to share it with others. Talking about dota, my goal is the same as most dota players have, it is to win The International.

Rendom: What languages do you know? Does it help you in your life? 
Afoninje: Let's face it, I'm not a polyglot. I know Russian, and I'm learning English. Does it help in my life? Well, first of all, English is everywhere, so it is vital to know at least the nuts and bolts of it. Both in the navigation system and different interfaces. Secondly, a huge part of the globe understands English. Consequently, no matter where you are going to – you've a chance to be understood. Though there is a thought that even if you don't know some language, you can explain everything with gestures.

Ipiphan: Did you want to keep the old roster with Artes, Gorec, Goddam, Dread and ты? 
Afoninje: I will not tell the reasons, but no, I didn't want to save it for sure. 

Jordisson: If you are called to play 1 versus 1 on the middle lane, will you chose Shadow Fiend or Puck? Or do you have better variants for such a competition? 
Afoninje: It happened so that SF is spectacular and dynamic. And everyone simply is used to it. SF is good both in fights and pushing, plus you need to hit targets with your coils. I don't think that Puck would be as interesting as SF for a casual viewer.

Personally from me: let me take this opportunity to say hi to the fans and companies that support us Twitch and Republic of Gamers! Thanks!

Cheer for HellRaisers!