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Battle Beginning at the SLTV XIII Group Stage

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 HellRaisers [1:2]  Vega

The well-known pair of players, former Natus Vincere player Aleksandr «XBOCT» Dashkevich and Ivan «Ubah» Kapustin that used to play for the Empire team, were playing under the banner of HellRaisers in this match.  

On the first map HR pleased their fans with an uncommon pick: the Slardar and Death Prophet pair joined the ranks of the team. The beginning of the game is hard to be called successful for our team — at one point the rival had a twofold advantage, but a successful fight at Roshan that ended with a 5 in 0 trade in HellRaisers' favor managed to level the situation on the map and even raise a couple of players onto the first places by the net worth statistics. A game dynamics wouldn't go down — players from both sides were dying every here and there that didn't let anyone get enough of an advantage. A crucial moment turned out to be an unsuccessful fight at Roshan at the 40th minute — HR in turns lost all heroes, and after that lost two barrack sides. The next attack of Vega finally destroyed the defense of HellRaisers and ended the game with a 1:0 score in Vega's favor. 

The second map started comparatively calmly: both teams would occasionally attack each other, though nothing universal wasn't happening, but nevertheless by the 10th minute HellRaisers had built up a small advantage, which they managed to grow up with taking a few heroes and towers. By the 20th minute HR had had a fourfold advantage in kills and great experience and gold statistics. As a result Vega just didn't manage to cope with HellRaisers' pressure and gave up. The map ended in a draw, and the third map was the one to decide the winner. 

The beginning of the third game was clouded with technical problems, though they were fixed within a short time. Both rivals understood the importance of this game, so no one wouldn't hurry to go into a fight. However, the early stage of the game was on Vega — they managed to implement their pick and didn't lose ground under the pressure of HR's heroes. The guys from Vega quite rapidly switched to the active attack and started to push HR out from the positions. After a while HR had to give up. After three intensive games Vega celebrated the victory.

 Andrey «Afoninje» Afonin's comment:

«We were making mistakes, were not waiting for needed items, and were rushing somewhere all the time. We made many stupid things. One-day break and we will get back to the practice»

Cheer for HellRaisers!