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Forgotten Decks that Can Work Out Now

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In this article a HellRaisers.Hearthstone player under the NickChipper nickname suggested variants of decks that were used in the past and the results of which were quite high. For example, a few seasons ago any experience card player could get to the legendary rank using these decks.   

Right now the meta has changed, and we see a lot of Paladins with secrets, and also Druids that have got good cards after The Grand Tournament expansion. Of course. another decks have not disappeared — you can still meet at different ranks such decks as Warriors, Mages, Priets and other classes of this wonderful game. However, even now every player can play around with cards and achieve something. Let's see what NickChipper suggests! The pictures of the heroes are clickable. 


The first archetype is Face Warrior, in the deck of which we can see both Leper Gnome and Abusive Sergeant, and even two cards called Upgrade! Moreover, this build doesn't go without Southsea Deckhand. Also we can find here three different types of weapons that have quite a good synergy with other cards. It didn't go without Arcane Golem и Wolfrider either of course, that finish off opponents in the late stage of the game. In this deck there is also Kor'Kron Elite that can exchange an enemy creature and deal lacking damage points to an opponent's hero. It can also be said that in the current season we can see players that use this build! This way or another, it is worth trying! 


Then we have Midrange Warlock that reminds a mix of such archetypes as Zoolock and Handlock. Here we can find both Power Overwhelming with Flame Imp and Molten Giant along with Mal'Ganis. In addition, in this deck there are popular now Dr.Boom and Sylvanas Windrunner. It didn't go without one Big Game Hunter that can often deal fatal damage to a big enemy creature. Doomguard is used to finish off a rival of course, and it can also got onto the table after Voidcaller. In general, the deck seems interesting and has the right to life.


The last deck is Malygos Druid, the main element of which, strange as it may seem, is Malygos. In addition to this beautiful Dragon, in the deck there are other friends of such a type that have a huge synergy. In the deck list we can also see Ancient of Lore that is used by almost all present archetypes. The main blow for a rival is Moonfire and Living Roots, though it didn't go without Force of Nature and Savage Roar either. We cannot leave out the presence of Emperor Thaurissan that makes very useful cards in this deck much chipper. Looking at this deck you immediately want to try it out and surprise your opponents at the ladder or a tournament. 

Don't forget that Hearthstone is a game where you can and should play around with decks. Don't be afraid to play your own builds, because maybe on the next day your deck list will be liked by a popular streamer who tries it out and makes it popular. Go ahead to new victories!

Cheer for HellRaisers!