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Fatal Unluck of HR.Dota2 at WCA

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 HellRaisers [0:1]  La Compañia Gris @bo1

HellRaisers didn't manage to get an invitation for the closed qualifier and had to get through the open qualifying stage. To get a sacred ticket to the LAN Finals our team had to deal with a real meat grinder — more than 200 teams got round to taking part in the open qualifier and this is considering the fact that all matches till the quarter-final run in a best-of-one format. Unfortunately, our roster didn't manage to gain momentum in the first meeting. Having made a few mistakes, HellRaisers were defeated, and that put an end to a chance to go further. 

However, we shouldn't forget that right now the HellRaisers. Dota 2 team isn't complete yet, and that did have its impact on today's game. Until under the banner of our team there is no a stable roster, we can't talk about either training process efficiency or an acceptable level of communication. Anyway, experience is a son of bitter mistakes, so even this loss after a detailed analyzing of the game will help our players in the future.

Now our team have enough time to form a roster and practice for upcoming matches, which there will be quite a few of in this year! 

 Anton «b-of» Borodov, the acting manager's comment:

«What can I say right now? It wasn't the best pick, a small mess with lane arrangement. It is a pity that having lost one game in a best-of-three series you have a chance to recover your loss, but a Best-of-1 format is a pure hardcore»

Cheer for HellRaisers!