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HR.Dota2 Moving Along To Global eSports Cup Play-Off

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 HellRaisers [2:0]  Arcade.PR @bo3

Former Natus Vincere player, Aleksandr «XBOCT» Dashkevish, and Ivan «Ubah» Kapustin, who used to play for Empire, had joined the ranks of HellRaisers for this match. Both stand-ins perfectly blended into the team and showed an excellent result!

On the first map we could see the Juggernaut and Windranger combo in HellRaisers' pick. XBOCT, playing the first hero, was the one to end the meeting with the best net worth, while Afoninje, playing the second one, got the biggest number of kills. Half an hour turned out to be enough for HellRaisers to prove their advantage over Arcade.PR.

In return the viewers expected the second map to end in Belarusian's favor, but there were no such things. On the second map, in addition to skilful Doom by XBOCT and Templar Assasin by Afoninje, we saw effective, aggressive and useful Batrider by Shachlo. The game ended in half an hour again even despite the fact that our boys had to end it without the fifth player, since he had lost his battle against DDoSers.

 Andrey «Afoninje» Afonin's comment:

«It is nice that the current version of the roster didn't go «the first pancake is always a failure» way, though we had to end the meeting without the fifth player. We've played just a little together — four prac games and one official match, so we still have something to work on. That's what we are doing! The open qualifiers for WCS start tomorrow, we will try to get through».

The final result of the meeting is 2:0, our team will play the next round of the play-off on November 3 against Vega Squadron. You can find more information in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!