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HellRaisers in Numbers: Tomáš «Oskar» Šťastný

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While our boys are having a rest from official matches, we've decided to please you with a regular episode of the heading, a hero of which is one of HellRaisers' recruits, Tomáš «Oskar» Šťastný, who's taking a sniper role. The Czech player in his 24 years shows great results, and constant practice together with self-improvement make his game even better.

And now let's take a look at the statistics:

  • During his CS:GO career Tomáš 4198 rounds on 160 maps.
  • He's killed 3316 opponents, while the Czech himself died 2889 times. 39.8% of all kills were headshots!
  • oskar has the biggest ratio among other HellRaisers players — 1.13. As a comparison, the captain's stats is 1.02.
  • On average he does 79 kills and 13 assists in 100 rounds.
  • oskar has got 611 open frags!
  • He's managed to made a triple kill in 191 rounds, and only in 44 rounds he's got a quadra kill.
  • Tomáš has made 6 aces in official matches!
  • The most successful match for the Czech player, while being in the HellRaisers team, is a game against Team Solomid within Acer Predator Masters Season 2. There he managed to end the cache map with a 30:18 score, having got a total rating of 1.92.
  • It is not surprising that most kills were done with the AWP — 1192 frags. On the second place there is the AK47 with 720 kills, and this three is closed by the M4A1 with the statistics of 284 kills.
  • The favorite pistol of Tomáš is Glock, which he's killed 172 opponents with. And Deagle, that is thought to be a favorite weapon of snipers, helped to get only 102 frags.
  • During his career the Czech managed to be in forty four 1 versus 1 rounds, 27 of which ended in his favor. Moreover, he's won twenty four 1 vs 2 rounds, five 1 vs 3 rounds, two 1 vs 4 rounds, and finally one 1 vs 5 round. The last moment took place in a far away Copenhagen Games 2013 tournament, when oskar was playing for the 3DMAX team together with the current sniper of Natus Vincere.
  • Considering unofficial matches, Tomáš did 11.876.208 damage points.
  • And traditionally we will please you with the very statistics: oskar has destroyed 398 windows in СS:GO.

Cheer for HellRaisers!