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Sunday Matches For HR.CS:GO

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 HellRaisers vs  Titan @cache — 25.10, 17:00 CET
 HellRaisers vs  PENTA Sports @dust2 — 25.10, 18:00 CET
 HellRaisers vs  Natus Vincere @train — 25.10, 19:00 CET

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, kUcheR, oskar, STYKO, standin.schneider
 Titan: shox, ScreaM, RpK, Ex6Tenz, SmithZz
 PENTA Sports: kRYSTAL, Spiidi, tabseN, tahsiN, strux
 Natus Vincere: Zeus, Edward, flamie, seized, GuardiaN

HellRaisers headed by ANGE1 will play three meetings at ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 today. 

Fans of our team will have something to watch this evening, since HellRaisers will play three more matches at the tournament by ESL and ESEA. The first rival is the French Titan team. These boys take the fifth place in the group stage. They've managed to win 9 games out of 16, that helped them to level the score with Team Dignitas. The map of the meeting is cache, and ANGE1 & Co. will do their best to get the points and not let rivals take the fourth position in the group.

Then HellRaisers will play with the PENTA Sports team on the dust2 map. The German five is one place below HellRaisers. kRYSTAL and Co. have played 12 matches and lost 9 of them. The last meeting between these rivals ended in HellRaisers' favor. At that time HellRaisers were playing against PENTA Sports within the same tournament on the overpass map, and the final score was rather lopsided — 16:3. We'll see if the boys manage to repeat the success on dust2.

For a dessert we are having Natus Vincere, who are in the top three following the results of played matches at the tournament. They've got 33 points in 16 matches. Only fnatic and Team Solomid have more points than they do, it is about 39 and 42 points. Let us recall that the last match between HellRaisers and Natus Vincere ran on September 3 within the FACEIT Stage 3 EU Closed qualifier, where HellRaisers came out victorious with a 2:0 score in a series. On the overpass map everything went on target for our boys and thus the match ended with a 16:8 score. However, it was almost impossible to predict an outcome of the game on dust2. But as a result of an overtime period Natus Vincere lost with a 19:21 score. Today the teams will meet on the train map, and it will be hot for sure.

You can find more information about the tournament on our website.

Cheer for HellRaisers!