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HellRaisers Lost to SK Gaming

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 HellRaisers [6:16]  SK Gaming @mirage

Within the tournament for a half a million dollars our team had to use services of a stand-in again. And in this match it was Rustem «mou» Telepov to replace STYKO. In addition, Andreas «schneider» Lindberg was playing for our roster, as well as in all previous meetings.

Obviously, it all couldn't but affect a quality of the game on the attack side. HellRaisers didn't manage to rapidly find weak areas of the Danish five's defense on de_mirage, so SK Gaming would easily take the advantage of HR's bad team play. After the side switching SK showed how it should be done in such matches: most of their attack ran like lightning, coming as a surprise for HellRaisers' defense. 

However, the highlight of the match was performed by HellRaisers. Mou in one of the rounds of the second half got a magic double kill with the AWP, almost not seeing opponents on the Middle. But even this magic didn't help HR to win today — 6:16.

 Emil «kUcheR» Ahundov's comment:

«There is nothing to add here… We were playing with a stand-in and that strings up a bit. We did our best, but the Danes turned out to be stronger».

The standings of ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 may be found here.

Cheer for HellRaisers!