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HellRaisers Will Go Up Against SK Gaming

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 HellRaisers vs  SK Gaming @mirage — 24.10, 17:00 CET

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, kUcheR, oskar, standin.mou, standin.schneider
 SK Gaming: Friis, SandeN, AcilioN, cadiaN, Magiskb0Y

In the evening of October 24th our team will have the 11th meeting within the tournament with the prize fund of half a million US Dollars. For the opponents of ANGE1 and Co., however, it will be the 14th match at the championship. The standings of both teams are not perfect at all: HellRaisers have 9 points, while SK Gaming have even less, only 3 ones. Remembering the previous season, the random would often please us with a good map choosing, but now everything is  going differently, since HellRaisers will have to face off against the rivals on the mirage map again. 

On the other hand, SK Gaming can't find their «game» in the recent times. At ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 the Danes have got only one win against PENTA Sports on the train map with a 16:6 score. Moreover, five days ago HellRaisers played with SK Gaming at this tournament, and the game ended in our boys' favor with a 16:4 score on the dust2 map. We'll see how teams will perform on mirage this time. 

More information may be found on our website.

Cheer for HellRaisers!