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  HellRaisers [2:0]  LDLC White @bo2
16:11 @cobblestone, 16:13 @inferno

A battle with exactly this French team is always a tough challenge. HellRaisers have played many practice maps with these boys, so both sided had known the style and level of each other very well before the game itself.

The meetings started on de_cobblestone, where our boys managed to show themselves in a good way on the defense side. JW with his shotgun became an obstacle for HellRaisers tomorrow, though today the French rival didn't manage to find an analog, and thus HellRaisers took 10 rounds on the counter-terrorist side. The French goodly won the pistol round and a short time later leveled the score, though the final straight ran better for HellRaisers — 16:11.

The stand-in of our team, Andreas «schneider» Lindberg, was at his best on de_inferno. Following the results of 29 rounds, he had 28 kills and 16 deaths. But LDLC White did make a stand against HellRaisers themselves. During the whole meeting they wouldn't give HellRaisers a chance to relax. Even when the gap was being increased, they didn't seem to give up. And the result was seen on the scoreboard: the gap was closed to 13:6 and 14:13. But in the final stage of the match HellRaisers turned out to be stronger — 16:13. 

 Sergey «lmbt» Bezhanov, HR.CSGO's coach's comment:

«We were playing with a good French team, and I did like that match. It had everything: clutch rounds, intrigue, highlights and so on. In addition, we decided to play de_inferno in an official game for the first time in a long period. And it wasn't that bad! I want to give my thanks both to the opponent and organizers for their understanding, since oskar's power adapter burned 5 minutes before the match. Every sides agreed to postpone a match for an hour so that Tomáš might fix the problem. Thank you all and have a good weekend, see you at the ESL ESEA league in a few days».


After this victory HellRaisers have gained the lead at the standings of the APM second season. There is more information in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!