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HellRaisers Let fnatic Make a Comeback

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 HellRaisers [13:16]  fnatic @cobblestone

Former player of the fnatic team Andreas «schneider» Lindberg sided with HellRaisers to cope with the strongest Swedish team. Obviously, it was hard to make up a good team play in such circumstances.

However, HellRaisers were in the lead for most of the fight, breaking fnatic's defense with their slow attacks and beat them due to the AK-47's advantage over the M4. As a result, the first half ended in HR's favor — 10:5.

After the side switching fnatic turned on the next gear. Despite the fact that the Swedes had lost the pistol round, they managed to begin their winning streak and push the matter through. An excellent comeback by fnatic, a good try to stop the current world champions by HellRaisers — 13:16.

 Sergey «lmbt» Bezhanov, HR. CS:GO's coach's comment:

«Firstly everything was going on target, it was easy and rather relaxed, but then in the second half JW showed us who is the best player on his role. We knew he would be at the drop with a shotgun, but unreadiness and bad team play did their part: we just didn't manage to counter it. GG!»

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Cheer for HellRaisers!